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Making a come back!

Good morning!

I know that I have taken a very long vacation from the blog, and for that I am very sorry. I am not going to go into great detail of my lack of blogging action, but I will say that I have decided that I miss sharing with all my fellow people.

My plan from here on out is to talk about my daily life and relationship with food and exercise or lack there of! I have struggled for years with food and exercise and how to change my life for the better. My goal is to find that Heathy Tipping Point, and to just feel better physically and mentally. I hope that you all can enjoy my journey and assist me with any and all advise.



busy, busy

Good afternoon loves!

I just thought I would write a few lines before I disappear for the night. I have had a mind blowing busy day! I wasnt able to eat lunch until about 4:30 today, so I am sure you know that I was ready to eat the whole apartment when I got home. The only photo I did get was the end of my feasting! I did however have a good ending, I ate this huge stawberries.
These were very good, but I just cant wait till our local strawberries are ready!

I hope everyone had a fab day and I will being posting more later but I got to get going…

Mother’s Day!

Well hello, I hope you all have had a good weekend so far!
I am sorry I didnt get to post yesterday but it was well worth not blogging. I had a great day with my mother, father and the boyfriend.

I started my morning with a cup of java, out side looking at the hot air balloons. Living in Walla Walla Washington has many great things always happening especially for being such a small area. Lucky me every year on the weekend of mother’s day is the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. This year I opted out of going and looking at all the booths and even opted out of the night glow so that I could have a nice day with the family. I did catch this picture from my balconey from where I was having my coffee.

It seems very far away but thats due to I am having to use the camera on my phone since our digital camera is MIA! However I do have to say what a way to start the morning, coffee and a great view! About 10:00 we all went to the local farmer’s market where my mother and I found many yummy things! I grabbed a bag of fresh Arugula, they didnt have any of the greens that I got last weekend but the girl assured me that she would have them next saturday! I was running low on Honey so I got a nice little jar of fresh honey. And then found a fairly new booth with Gluten free muffins! Mmmm they were yummy so I bought 2. Sundried tomato and Tropical which had lots of coconut and pineapple baked in a really good banana bread. I ate this little booger last night about 10 sorry no pictures. 😦

However I did get pictures of brunch and dinner, Brunch was a local Favorite and is made by one family here in town. Walla Walla sweet onion sausage, these are beyond good.

I also run into this little girl! OMG cute huh?

After the market mom wanted to go look at flowers at home depot and grab a few things for dinner.

When all was said and done we all went back to my parents house and I made some Roasted Red pepper humus, mom had gotten some Lavosh for dipping with a small veggie tray. The main event for dinner was BBQ pulled sammies! I love it when my dad makes pork, this was a great meal.

Well folks I gotta run, the family is taking my grandmother our for breakfast/brunch. I hope you all have fab day!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hi all hope its been good for you!

I feel like I really need to start getting some workout sessions in or I might burst from frustration. That and I feel like the good year blimp… 😉

Well I started my day off with my last protien pancake with 1 tbsp of almond butter

I ate carrots and a fruit bar while in psych, but didnt really want to eat a whole lot because a friend of mine and Josh were meeting for Margrita’s and some yummy mexican food for Cinco de Mayo!

Oh my was this really yummy! I ate about half then just a couple minutes ago I ate the left overs. I am really full right now! I am super sleep too, so I def hitting the hay early tonight. I have an 6am date with 30 min walk/jog and then I need to get some of my book work for my english class done.

Night ya’ll