I am alive!

Just thought I would make a brief post letting you all know that I am still with the world. Well maybe in my own world but I am here. It was a fun and long weekend and I have a very early morning coming my way.

So I will be back…;)


Crack that whip!

Now whip it, whip it good!

lol sorry the song is playing on¬† T.V. ūüėČ

Well since I had such good reviews of Olive market and cafe, Josh has decided that he wants to go have lunch today since he took the day off at my request! ūüôā We were planning on going to Aloha my favorite sushi restaurant, but I can honestly say I am completely ok with going back to Olive again today!

To start my morning out I a cup of coffee the always, but for some reason I was craving hummus. So I pulled out some black olive hummus, turkey breast, ww english muffin, mushrooms, cilantro and tossed this yummy sammie together!

Last night I made tofu and green beans, I made a sauce with 1 tbsp PB, 1 large chunk of ginger minced, soy sauce, minced lemon grass. This turned out super yummy and I will be making again, and it was a huge hit with Josh!

After lunch today Josh and I are heading out of town for a graduation and party! I can’t honestly say how much I will be posting but I am bringing the lap top so that Josh and I can get some work done over the weekend. I need to get going, I need to shower and get my nails done.

Have a fab weekend, and until next post I will leave you all with a picture of my buddy Rex.

The sun makes an appearance

Rain, rain go away…come back another day…and thats just what it did to!

Lunch with my grandmother was a blast, we got to try one of the newest restaurants to open in the last couple months. Olive market and cafe specialize in fresh prepared foods, farm raised beef, sustainable fish, charcuterie, artisinal cheese, pastries, fine wines, gourmet sandwiches, flatbreads, pizza, coffee, tea and more. I was very pleased with our food, I do wish I had not forgotten my camera! I did however get a couple very poor shots with¬†my phone.¬† After just a brief look at the lunch menu I decided to have the Greek “falafel”salad this salad had romaine heart, mixed green, greek olive, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, crispy falafel, balsamic vinaigrette. HOLY YUM, and if that wasn’t enough I also had to try a cup of their mediterranean veggie soup that is amazing!

I am very sad that these pictures do not give this meal justice, but I suppose they are better than nothing! I also enjoyed and shared a strawberry shortbread square with my grandmother, but due to the horrible picture that was taken I will just say that it was Super yummy and I will looking for it the next time we go.

After lunch and a nice visit I had some shopping at Wal-mart that I needed to get done. I have been wanting to get a wok, and since I used one over at Josh’s mothers house this past weekend I decided I had to have one.¬† I was very disappointed to see there was only 1 wok to choose from, but it was only $13.97 so we shall see how it holds up. I also found a really cute pair of shorts and a couple of tank tops, so I should be set for the summer. ūüėČ

I need to get going it’s almost 8 and I still havent started dinner, and I am looking forward to trying the new wok!

Hope you all had a great day and I will see you later!

Day 2 of gray and rainy!

Heya folks!

I am just sitting here scratching my head wondering whats happening with the weather in Walla Walla Washington. Here we are in June and it feels more like¬†February. Last night the BF took me to a baseball game featuring our new local team. It was great except for the temp and the wind. We all froze, I did bring a blanket but when I am sitting next to a pregnant woman that’s shivering I decided that she needed it more than I did.

Dinner was a sammie from a local restaurant that had a stand at the game. It was def on the $$ side but I was not feeling the hot dogs or hamburgers at the traditional stand. Josh and I both got the Grand slam its content were thin sliced sirloin, lettuce, tomatoe, swiss, sun dried¬†tomatoe¬†aioli¬†all on homemade white bread. I asked that they make mine on their homemade marble rye. I did take a picture, however it seems that my camera was hungry as well because it is nowhere to be found one it! Along with our sammies¬†I ordered a side of home made¬†Walla Walla sweet onion rings which were yummy but 4 rings for the $$ was completely disappointing. I have thought about bringing my own food but if you have a large purse or bag they have to check you for outside food or at least that’s was told to me yesterday when the kid asked for my purse! He almost said something about my water bottle but I told him he could take a flyin leap. ūüėČ

Toward the later part of the game I started to get a sweet tooth and had seen that the traditional stand had caramel apples. However by the time I went to get one they were sold out, ūüė¶¬† but they were selling caramel corn made by our local candy stores. Bright’s candies started in 1934 and has been a Walla Walla family past time since!

The game was great Walla won 13 to 3, I kinda felt bad for the guys from Portland they just were not having a good game what so ever.

Today is kinda laid back, I think I may go get my grandmother and take her to lunch and see if she needs anything done around her house. Well I need to go get ready for the day and get some food in my tummy!

Hope you have a great day!

Savory and Rainy

Good morning!

I woke this morning feeling like I need to get thing done!

1. Appt to get my hair done

2. mop and vacuum

3. Get my stuff together for my upcoming classes.

4. start getting the bedroom organized

I am also setting a mini goal for right now. I have obviously not been true to my word with 20 minutes a day of excercise. So with¬†that¬† said I am going to fit 2 workout DVD’s or Wii fitness days in a week. The Dvd’s I have are at least 20 minutes long and if I happen to get more excercise in during the week Great, but I cannot keep comparing myself to everyone else. I cannot keep fat talking, and I cannot keep feeling like crap all the time!

Ok now that’s out of the way I will go on to the good stuff!

Today is a gray, rainy day, and I wanted something warm and filling. A big bowl of oats seemed like just the thing! My usual sweet and fruity oats just didn’t sound good to me, and that’s when I remembered seeing a few of my favorite bloggers had talked about savory oats. I tossed an egg in the pan, mixed a little garlic seasoning in my oats, and chopped a little bit of green onion up. Put all that together and you get Holy Yum!

Along side this bowl of yum was ww english muffin with a smear of almond butta!

Well I gotta get going, I really hope you all have great day!

Waffles gone bad

Ok so dinner did not go well, and I was so upset by all the things that should have been easy turned into a horrible task!
1. I asked that we go out for dinner tonight since I still am not up to snuff. Since I didn’t move fast enough the BF took that as I didn’t want to go out to eat. Wrong I actually wanted to grab some yaki udon but with me not feeling well and his little comments. I then became very bitchy! So I told him to make his own dinner and I would do the same.
2. Still pissed about comments that really shouldn’t have bothered me, but did. I decide to make waffles, the first waffle I made for the BF and even made a couple over easy eggs for him as well, but do you think I could make a waffle for myself? HELL NO, I burnt my eggs and I ended up eating all of the messed up, broken¬†apart waffles.
3. I ate way to much, and that’s when all the¬†hateful comments about myself kept¬†entering my thoughts.¬†

I honestly have been a mess all evening and it just seemed to get worse when the BF came in to ask if I wanted to go have a beer with his friends. I had just gotten out of the shower and into my Pj’s hmmm let me think about this….HELL NO! I am extremely emotional for some reason, heck I can’t even blame it on TOM!

I am off to bed

Another day of Blah!

Heya baby cakes!

I hope all is well for everyone. I myself am feeling a little better, but still fighting this creep and crude.

I had to do some running around early this morning so while I drive the BF to work we stopped into McDonald. Yes, I know not the healthiest of options but my baby loves him a sausage mcgriddle. I myself got a #1 which is small coffee, Egg Mcmuffin and hash brown. I took my coffee and the Mcmuffin and sent the extra hash brown with my sweetie.

After my errands I came home and tried to collect the energy to clean the apartment, but it never happened. So today has been a very lazy day! Lunch today was a mish mosh of items. Left over ground turkey,  broccoli, and mushrooms. I tossed some cilantro, chili-lime guiltless tortilla chips and a little bit of sriracha.

Along with my lunch I also enjoyed a strawberry smoothie!

1 cup almond milk

1/2 to 3/4 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder

2 large ice cubes (my little blender cannot handle many more than that!)

It was really yummy, I do wish I had a banana to toss in, but I am out!  Infact I am going to run to the store for a few things.

Well ladies and gents I hope you all had a good day, and I will be posting more later this evening!

Until then….