I have found a new love! I have seen many bloggers give this chocolate PB rave reviews and I can tell you that this stuff is fabulous!!! Thanks to Wal-mart I can get this yummy goodness on a regular basis.

Today has consisted of me chillin out at home not doing a whole lot of anything. I do have plans for later this afternoon to take a walk down town and do a little shopping and also getting a little movement in my life.  The last 6 months I have been struggling to get any kind of activity. I chalk it up to having some personal issues going on and not being able to motivate myself. To make a long story short finding that healthy tipping point has been alouding me, and am ready to make changes so that I may live a long and happy life!

Ok, on to better things! Lunch…I did not have a lot to work with because of lack of shopping.  However, I remembered that I had a Lean Cuisine veggie pizza in the freezer. Not the best lunch but over all it was yummy.

I will buy this pizza again just for the simple fact that it was good and it was something easy that I can keep around in case of those times when I am in lack of food!

I have decided that I am going to start posting my personal goals daily, and I hope by doing this that I will be more focused on that goal for the day. Today’s goal is to find an activity that I can do tomorrow and to take a walk this evening with my sweetie.