How have you all been? Good I hope!

I know that I have been MIA for a few days, and I do plan to make up for the lost time! 😉

Tonight I made a sesame noodle stir-fry with tofu, and I do have to say that it was pretty yummy.

 Josh thought that next time the noodles should be cooked last so that they don’t get over done like tonight. The problem with that is dinner was done and perfect but he was off over at his buddies apartment next door, and decided to get home in his own sweet time!

I however thought they were still good. I placed my helping on a bed of spinach for some bulk purposes. It tasted good too! A little while later I had about a cup of frozen peach yogurt. Sorry I forgot to snap a picture since I was watching Julie & Julia. The movie was very good, and it was nice to see that she was just like me in a way. Ok maybe not but I loved the idea of taking a cookbook and working my way through it! In fact I think starting July I will choose a cookbook to make as many items as I can for the month of July, and then report to you all with the final product. I should give this a little more thought but what the hell right?

Well I’m off to bed! I have an early day tomorrow since I really should study some more for my medical terminology quiz that has to be completed by tomorrow evening.

Do you think I should choose a cookbook to cook from and review the final product for you all? What type of cookbook, and do you have any suggestions?