Now whip it, whip it good!

lol sorry the song is playing on  T.V. 😉

Well since I had such good reviews of Olive market and cafe, Josh has decided that he wants to go have lunch today since he took the day off at my request! 🙂 We were planning on going to Aloha my favorite sushi restaurant, but I can honestly say I am completely ok with going back to Olive again today!

To start my morning out I a cup of coffee the always, but for some reason I was craving hummus. So I pulled out some black olive hummus, turkey breast, ww english muffin, mushrooms, cilantro and tossed this yummy sammie together!

Last night I made tofu and green beans, I made a sauce with 1 tbsp PB, 1 large chunk of ginger minced, soy sauce, minced lemon grass. This turned out super yummy and I will be making again, and it was a huge hit with Josh!

After lunch today Josh and I are heading out of town for a graduation and party! I can’t honestly say how much I will be posting but I am bringing the lap top so that Josh and I can get some work done over the weekend. I need to get going, I need to shower and get my nails done.

Have a fab weekend, and until next post I will leave you all with a picture of my buddy Rex.