Heya folks!

I am just sitting here scratching my head wondering whats happening with the weather in Walla Walla Washington. Here we are in June and it feels more like February. Last night the BF took me to a baseball game featuring our new local team. It was great except for the temp and the wind. We all froze, I did bring a blanket but when I am sitting next to a pregnant woman that’s shivering I decided that she needed it more than I did.

Dinner was a sammie from a local restaurant that had a stand at the game. It was def on the $$ side but I was not feeling the hot dogs or hamburgers at the traditional stand. Josh and I both got the Grand slam its content were thin sliced sirloin, lettuce, tomatoe, swiss, sun dried tomatoe aioli all on homemade white bread. I asked that they make mine on their homemade marble rye. I did take a picture, however it seems that my camera was hungry as well because it is nowhere to be found one it! Along with our sammies I ordered a side of home made Walla Walla sweet onion rings which were yummy but 4 rings for the $$ was completely disappointing. I have thought about bringing my own food but if you have a large purse or bag they have to check you for outside food or at least that’s was told to me yesterday when the kid asked for my purse! He almost said something about my water bottle but I told him he could take a flyin leap. 😉

Toward the later part of the game I started to get a sweet tooth and had seen that the traditional stand had caramel apples. However by the time I went to get one they were sold out, 😦  but they were selling caramel corn made by our local candy stores. Bright’s candies started in 1934 and has been a Walla Walla family past time since!

The game was great Walla won 13 to 3, I kinda felt bad for the guys from Portland they just were not having a good game what so ever.

Today is kinda laid back, I think I may go get my grandmother and take her to lunch and see if she needs anything done around her house. Well I need to go get ready for the day and get some food in my tummy!

Hope you have a great day!