Ok so dinner did not go well, and I was so upset by all the things that should have been easy turned into a horrible task!
1. I asked that we go out for dinner tonight since I still am not up to snuff. Since I didn’t move fast enough the BF took that as I didn’t want to go out to eat. Wrong I actually wanted to grab some yaki udon but with me not feeling well and his little comments. I then became very bitchy! So I told him to make his own dinner and I would do the same.
2. Still pissed about comments that really shouldn’t have bothered me, but did. I decide to make waffles, the first waffle I made for the BF and even made a couple over easy eggs for him as well, but do you think I could make a waffle for myself? HELL NO, I burnt my eggs and I ended up eating all of the messed up, broken apart waffles.
3. I ate way to much, and that’s when all the hateful comments about myself kept entering my thoughts. 

I honestly have been a mess all evening and it just seemed to get worse when the BF came in to ask if I wanted to go have a beer with his friends. I had just gotten out of the shower and into my Pj’s hmmm let me think about this….HELL NO! I am extremely emotional for some reason, heck I can’t even blame it on TOM!

I am off to bed