Good morning!

I woke this morning feeling like I need to get thing done!

1. Appt to get my hair done

2. mop and vacuum

3. Get my stuff together for my upcoming classes.

4. start getting the bedroom organized

I am also setting a mini goal for right now. I have obviously not been true to my word with 20 minutes a day of excercise. So with that  said I am going to fit 2 workout DVD’s or Wii fitness days in a week. The Dvd’s I have are at least 20 minutes long and if I happen to get more excercise in during the week Great, but I cannot keep comparing myself to everyone else. I cannot keep fat talking, and I cannot keep feeling like crap all the time!

Ok now that’s out of the way I will go on to the good stuff!

Today is a gray, rainy day, and I wanted something warm and filling. A big bowl of oats seemed like just the thing! My usual sweet and fruity oats just didn’t sound good to me, and that’s when I remembered seeing a few of my favorite bloggers had talked about savory oats. I tossed an egg in the pan, mixed a little garlic seasoning in my oats, and chopped a little bit of green onion up. Put all that together and you get Holy Yum!

Along side this bowl of yum was ww english muffin with a smear of almond butta!

Well I gotta get going, I really hope you all have great day!