I am sorry about the lack of posting! I have been MIA for good reason. I have been trying to get everything together for Medical assistant program that I just found out today that I have been excepted!! Yes, I am very happy and if all goes as planned then I will being graduating this time next year.

Since things have been busy, busy around my house I started the day off with a vanilla protein coffee. I know what you are thinking “what in the heck is a vanilla protein coffee?” Well this is my own little concoction that really seemed to work so I will be drinking it again.

2 cups cold coffee

1 cup almond breeze

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

I pour the protein powder and the almond milk in a bottle and shake, shake, shake and then shake some more! If you have a blender then I would use that! However I am with out on for the time being so I just use what I have. I then mix the coffee and the shake together pour over ice and you are set to go! I know this my not sound yummy, but it really was good.

 Lunch was the usual, AB sammie with baby carrots! I know I’m boring….

For dinner I decided to eat the home made chicken soup I made yesterday on a whim. I had purchased a roasted chicken from Safeway, and I was raised that you do not let the bones go to waste. So as my grandmother has done many times before myself I made chicken soup! Josh was super happy about having the home made soup. However I find it so funny when he asks “did you really make this?” You would think I am a horrible cook!  But I know that cooking is one thing I do well!  I also felt like doing something funky with grilled cheese.







So we had sun-dried tomato,  fontina on one. Then we had fontina and raisins on the other. I liked both but the raisin was the best in my opinion. Josh like the sun-dried tomato grilled cheese the best.

After dinner Josh went over to a friend to mess around with their guitars and I think I am going to get a little reading done while it’s quite.

Hope you all have a great night and a wonderful day tomorrow!