Sorry its a couple days, friday my parents called and want the family to have dinner together. Mom decided on mexican food. There house is just a short walk from a good little place so mom, dad and all the kids  headed out for some grub!

The evening started with chips, salsa and margarita’s

Josh was very happy about the margarita’s! 

It was great spending time with my family! We all had a good time and some really good food.

This is Josh’s plate of food Las tres enchiladas maria, this was a regular, cream, and green chili enchiladas. The green was the best! I had chicken in mole but I cannot for the life of me find the picture.

Yesterday was a busy day Josh and I went over to his mothers and help with putting in a new fence. The day went well, except both of us are having issues with allergies. Today will be spent at home, I do need to do some cleaning but nothing major. I am thinking of making a Tuscan white bean soup for dinner so I do need to run to the store, and I think I might head down to the farmers market to see about some fresh kale and a few other veggies.

Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend so far!