It has been a gray and rainy day, and for the most part its been great until the wind started along with! For the most part today has been great. I just got home from school and walk/jogging. Today was the first time that I had tried to jog in the rain, and it really was great! I am completely out of shape and could only go for 30 seconds then walk for a min then another 30 seconds. I did that for a little over a mile. On my way home I was hungry since I did not get a chance to have my PB sammie and carrots today. So I stopped at one of my new favorite little lunch spots. Graze started out as just catering, and then January 2010 opened the little sandwich shop. Graze makes a asparagus and gouda panini with bechamel that is heavenly! You can have the bechamel on the side or on the panini, I prefer to have it on the side. I know that the sandwich is technically called a panini but this is my ultimate grilled cheese!!

This yummy sammie was served with a side salad and just a basic vinaigrette.

After having a nice lunch all I want to do now is sit in my comfy chair and read my book. However thats not gonna happen I need to run to walmart to get a few things and I also need to run over to my parents house to check on a few things.

 Hopefully tonight Josh and I can just snuggle at home, maybe I need to swing by a red box and see whats out.

Have a great evening and I will be back later tonight.