Since Josh had requested fish I decided to use the salmon that I had. But I also wanted to use the great mizuna mix of greens I had gotten saturday at the market. I decided a nice warm salmon salad with spicy honey mustard dressing sounded good. I just seasoned the fish with ground sea salt and cracked pepper, and pan seared it. I tossed the green in a little bit of the spicy honey mustard that I made earlier in the day. Then added some fresh radishes from the market. These radishes are so pretty. I have never seen purple one before so when I came across bunches of red and purple I had to get some. I also made some steamed baby red potatoes with garlic and parsley. I didn’t eat them until last so sorry they are not pictured. I wanted them for last so I could use them to get the last of the yummy dressing. 😉

I also enjoyed a nice glass of red wine in one of the many wine glasses I have collected from around Walla Walla valley. One of the greatest things about living in this town is all the great wine that comes from it! 🙂

Well I am outta here, I am kinda hoping I can con the boyfriend into watching a movie. However I am not hold high hope since he is already playing one of his many ps3 games.