Hey y’all hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Weekend was ok Josh, myself and his mother went to spend the weekend with his brother and sister in-law. It was nice visiting with them and got to see some super cute little new-born puppies. Their Lab had 13 pups! This was her first litter and she seems to be doing well with the whole new mommy bit. I did not get pictures since I was rushed to get going when we left that I did not grab the camera. ūüė¶

The weekend was full of food and not much activity! I honestly had one of the worst nights of rest that I can remember. I was way to warm since our weather has gone from winter into summer, spring was just a mere couple days! I battled with a very upset tummy and over all just felt yucky! Finally pulling my self up off the couch this morning was not easy, and poor Josh hopefully got some rest when I decided to move out to the couch.

Sipping on some water this morning I really started to think about this wall of over eating and lack of excercise that I have continued to beat my head against.

Since I have gone back to school my whole body has really been a complete bundle of nerves. I have really battled with whether or not I could really do it. Since I was very young, I have struggled with feeling smart enough or good enough. So to feel that void I eat! I eat when I am happy, I eat when I am sad and I eat when I am mad. It’s a horrible cycle and this too has been an ongoing battle since I was very young. Over the years I have realized that food is not the problem. The reasons that I am eating are!¬† However, moving on from those habits are very hard. I thought at one point I had moved past this need to eat when happy,sad, mad and just be able to fallow my body. Saturday I actually skipped going to my weigh-in because I was so ashamed. I knew that I had gained weight and I was very upset with myself. This morning is when the little light in my brain flipped on and I realized I had better gain some control here.

I have first decided that I am cutting beef out of my life, at least for a while. Secondly eating out is going to be little to none. I wish I could say I was cut it completely out but I know that is not gonna happen so why place hurdles in my way. I know that I just need to think ahead and make smart choices. Last but for from least is to get at least 20-30 minutes of activity in my daily routine. I know that working out will help with stress and will help me feel better I just need to make it part of my life not an option.

So with all that said I decided to take the day off, I know it wasn’t the best move but I really needed to have a quite day to myself. I wasn’t hungry until 10:30, so I decided to try the gluten-free spinach-feta muffin I got saturday from the farmer’s market. I also added a sliced apple and the little sample of the kalamata olive spread the lady gave with my muffins.¬†¬†All I can so is yum! The spread had a nice salty taste and the muffin was a nice texture with the spinach and feta!

After eating I needed to get some laundry done since we were gone all weekend. I lugged everything over to the washer and dryers and I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a soul to be seen. I really am a people person but like I said earlier I needed quite me time so this was a nice change. Josh came home for lunch since he had the car today. I re-heated some pasta at his request, and I was happy to do so since I am determined to not waste our left overs. He also requested fish for dinner, fish sounded great and I just happened to have picked up some salmon.

I didn’t¬†find myself getting hungry until after Josh¬†went back to work. I had some barley and veggie salad that I toss together earlier today while waiting on the laundry. Then added a Boca¬†vegan burger¬†on a flat round with fresh spinach, a slice of smoked gouda cheese, 1 tbsp bbq sauce and 1 tbsp spicy brown mustard.

Now I am gonna finish the laundry and then do a little light house work. The weather is humid and is kinda rainy so I think I will pull out my yoga dvd.

I really hope you have had a great day and an even better evening!