Hello, hope you all had a good day!

My day started early with the intent to get a workout in and lots of work done. I was able to get the work done, but not the workout. I lost track of time and before I knew it the time had flowin by and I had to rush to get ready. I was able to tossed Coconut curry lentils together in the crockpot before heading off to my first class. When I got home from school the apartment smelled amazing! However when I tasted the lentils there was something missing and I just couldn’t figure it out! I then proceeded to start the experimenting. I added extra garlic, that didnt help. I then tried a little more curry, and that still wasn’t it! I was a little frustrated at this point being I had heard nothing but rave reviews from 4 other bloggers. I decided to take a bowl over to my grandmother since I planning on dropping by her house to visit and check on her. 😉 She is 87 years old and is still one of the best cooks I know! When I got to her house she was very please to see that I was baring gifts, and was even more pleased that it was lentils. When I explained the situation to her about the lentils she was more then happy to give them a taste. Gram determined that I needed to add more salt! I am not a big salt eater and try to avoid adding more then what is set in the recipe, but in this case it’s precisely what was needed. Thank goodness for grandmother’s!!

After a long visit with gram I needed to go pick up Josh from work. I was super hungry and he needed to do some running around town so we decided to eat at out favorite teriyaki grill, Yummy Teriyaki! no really that the name…It’s not the prettiest place but the food is fantastic. Josh and I shared an order of Gyoza, Josh had chicken and beef teriyaki with steamed rice. I myself love love the yaki udon with chicken. This dish is sweet and spicy and the noodles are thick and yummy!

This stuff is some serious food!

When finally returning home I added some salt to the lentils and a little chicken broth because the soup was super thick. I then divided the lentils into tupperware and place all but a few servings in the freezer.

I have another early morning again, because this time for sure I will get my workout in, and I have a paper that needs to be finished. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!