I did just that! I was in a bad space when I got home from school and I was dreading having to do anything but sit my butt on the couch and do nothing. I then got very mad at myself and decided that I would not allow  my self to not fallow through with my challenge. I got up and thought the least I could do is clean up a little around the apartment. So I grabbed my Mp3 player and went to work with some lady gaga. While washing dishes I started to really get into the music and before you know it I was dancing around the apartment! I forgot how much fun it really is to just tune everything out and just dance! Today made me realize how much I really miss dancing and how much I really want to bring it back into my life. I am far from being in shape to do what I use to do, but I think I have found an alternative to get me back to a place where I might be able to do more. Jazzercise has been advertised around town and I know it may sound corny but I think it’s possibly just what I need! I hope to start this week sometime, latest is next week.

I started this my day with 1/2 of a Gluten free sun dried tomato muffin that I got at the farmers market with one scrambled egg that I made in the microwave. This was just what I needed!

About 12:30 I wasn’t really hungry but knew that I should eat my snacks that I packed for myself or I would be starving by the end of math class. Thank goodness I decided to eat my carrot sticks and flat round with almond butter. Because I had to do some running around the college. At this time I am switching my career goal to something that I can obtain in a shorter amount of time then if I was going to continue toward becoming a Nurse. I have chosen to stay in the medical field because It’s a part of me and I love it! If all goes well I should be starting the Medical Administration assistant program in the fall. This was a recent decision I felt like I was flaking out on the nursing program but then realized that I can do this first and then if nursing is still what I am wanting to do then I can always go back to school. I seriously thank my sweet boyfriend and my dear mother for talking me through this decision!

When I got home I realized that I needed to get a few things from the store, so I walked over to Safeway and saw that Starbucks is having a happy hour with their Frapp’s so I grab this little tasty drink

I love my skinny nonfat sugar-free caramel drinks! The thing I like most about this flavor is I like it hot and cold!

After my little dance routine 😉 I was hungry and needed a lil sumsum!

So I tossed a arugula salad with mushrooms and tomato with 1 tbsp lite asian dressing.

I also added an un-pictured Boca Vegan burger with some spicy brown mustard.

I had planned on making Coconut red lentil soup because we have had alot of  rain as of late. However mother nature is messing with my head and tossed a sunny warmer day our way! So I nixed the lentil soup idea. I will see what the weather is going have in store for us in the morning and if it is a colder day then the lentils it is!!

So since the soup idea was out of the question, I decided to make the burgers that I picked up at Safeway meat counter. These patty were 5% fat, but since I was buying the per made patties I grabbed the ones that have cheese mixed in. This type was the cheddar and bacon variety, they also had green chile turkey burgers and blue cheese and cracked pepper ones. I really wanted to get the turkey burgers, but decided to go with the beef for Josh. However I really have to say these cooked up  really well! I was a bit leery because I was certain they were going to be really fatty because of the meat and the cheese. I give these an A+ for being so tasty and actually being a lean burger!

I also enjoyed some humus with veggies and 100 cal pack of special K crackers.

Its really late and I am needing to get to bed soon because I have set my alarms for 5:30 am. I think I need a little sweet snack before I hit the hay.

Have a good night!!