Well hello, I hope you all have had a good weekend so far!
I am sorry I didnt get to post yesterday but it was well worth not blogging. I had a great day with my mother, father and the boyfriend.

I started my morning with a cup of java, out side looking at the hot air balloons. Living in Walla Walla Washington has many great things always happening especially for being such a small area. Lucky me every year on the weekend of mother’s day is the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede. This year I opted out of going and looking at all the booths and even opted out of the night glow so that I could have a nice day with the family. I did catch this picture from my balconey from where I was having my coffee.

It seems very far away but thats due to I am having to use the camera on my phone since our digital camera is MIA! However I do have to say what a way to start the morning, coffee and a great view! About 10:00 we all went to the local farmer’s market where my mother and I found many yummy things! I grabbed a bag of fresh Arugula, they didnt have any of the greens that I got last weekend but the girl assured me that she would have them next saturday! I was running low on Honey so I got a nice little jar of fresh honey. And then found a fairly new booth with Gluten free muffins! Mmmm they were yummy so I bought 2. Sundried tomato and Tropical which had lots of coconut and pineapple baked in a really good banana bread. I ate this little booger last night about 10 sorry no pictures. 😦

However I did get pictures of brunch and dinner, Brunch was a local Favorite and is made by one family here in town. Walla Walla sweet onion sausage, these are beyond good.

I also run into this little girl! OMG cute huh?

After the market mom wanted to go look at flowers at home depot and grab a few things for dinner.

When all was said and done we all went back to my parents house and I made some Roasted Red pepper humus, mom had gotten some Lavosh for dipping with a small veggie tray. The main event for dinner was BBQ pulled sammies! I love it when my dad makes pork, this was a great meal.

Well folks I gotta run, the family is taking my grandmother our for breakfast/brunch. I hope you all have fab day!!