Well I woke this great morning thinking that today would be great! Oh boy was I wrong…

I first woke up at 7:45, not late to get to class on time but much too late to get a workout in ūüė¶ I was actually bummed. So got all showered and got all squeaky clean. I remembered that I had jar that was on the empty side and I had been waiting to try oats in a jar! I placed my oats, 1 tbsp extra almond butter, 1/2 scoop protein powder and water since I am still out of almond milk.
Lets just say that my microwave got a paint job! By the time I got all of it cleaned up and was able to grab a granola bar in my mouth it was time to run out the door.
I got to the college even found a parking spot pretty quick. However, when I got out of the car and was getting all my stuff together¬† when the door to the car slammed shut due to the wind. So I stood there looking at the car door knowing that I had locked it and already put my keys inside my back pack which was sitting in the back seat. The one good thing was that I had my cell phone in my pocket and not in my pack like most days. I called my little brother knowing that he had classes about the same time I do, and thank goodness he actually answered the phone. After a long cold wait lil bro bought me the extra set of car keys. Ran like hell to catch my first class to find out that the instructor wanted us to turn in our papers today. No problem except she never told us this little bit of info yesterday and I didn’t have a nice clean copy for her. After much debate from the class about the last minute due date, she decided that tomorrow would work. Psychology went well except my stomach was telling me that I def did not eat my breakfast. ūüė¶ Lucky me I remembered that I had a 100 cal pack of Emerald Cocoa roasted almonds in my bag. I ate those with lots of water and I was good to go! Math went well, I actually feel good about tomorrows test. After class I was really feeling hungry again, but I knew that I had a meeting with a tutor¬†that was only 45 min away. I didn’t really want to grab fast food. Ran home Josh was playing one of his many games on the PS3 and just kicking back. Poor guy has had the week off, and of course he gets a nasty cold! Talked to him about the tutor and what to possibly eat when I decided to just hold off until after the session withe tutor. Of course the moment Anna left I was ready to walk out the door in search of food! Josh had mentioned that he wanted a burger, luck would have it that we have a great pub just 2 blocks from where we live. ¬†

The Mill Creek Brew Pub is not my favorite pub that Walla Walla has to offer. However, I have had a few drinks and meals here and for the most part has never disappointed me.

I started off with a Red beer and Josh not feeling so hot stuck to Dr.pepper. We both ordered burger, He got the Five Alarm burger with fries and I got a Turkey burger with Sweet potato fries.

These sweet potato fries were the high light of my meal! The burger was just ok, it lacked seasoning and I just feel I could have made better! ūüėČ

Josh’s Five Alarm looked great! The picture does not give this burger justice! He said that it was good just could have been a little more spicy for his taste. (We like it hot in this house hold)

I really went way over my points today even with me not eating much for a  good part of the day I went well over my daily point. I am sitting here feeling kinda crappy about it. I know that there is not a lot I can do about it now after the fact. I do have alarms set for 6 am in the morning, even set the coffee pot up so it will be ready for me. I know I have hit a wall and have been fighting it for a couple of weeks now but I am not going to let negative thoughts rule me! I will get over this bump, I just need to keep my head up!