Good day! I am completely in love with these organic salad greens that I got at the farmers market this last saturday.  Before I get into Lunch and dinner with the super yummy greenery, I started the morning off with some protein packed Oats.

1/2 c oats made with water,I am out of Almond milk 😦

1/2 scoop protein Powder

1 large tbsp of Almond butter I really like the Blue Diamond brand

After consuming my yummy breakfast I moved my behind on out to the college. I had to be out there a little earlier then usual due to I was offered some additional funding, and I needed to get some paper work filled out. I am really keeping my fingers crossed this funding would allow me to be able to have my tuition and fees paid for and then I would also be eligible for money for books, testing fees ect…

After my meeting I had a lot of math to catch up on due to missing class yesterday. Oh boy and did my instructor feel that lots of homework was the way to go is an understatement! 3 chapters and 2 worksheet reviews later and I was running to get to my first class. Now this class is really long and boring for me, I really wish I had taken this course online. I just feel that I would have been accomplishing the same tasks with the online course, but without having to waste my time with going to and actually classroom. Psych is always interesting in one way or another so I cannot say I have any complaints. The instructor is flakey at times and doesn’t really know how to manage her time so it makes getting through the chapters and the topics trying, but she always keeps it fun. Then there comes good old math! Thank goodness this is the last math class I will have to take, and if I ever do have to take another math course I will never ever have this instructor again! The day all and all was good, the tutor that I hired to help me with math skipped out on me again today so it seems that I will need to find someone else.

I was in my psych class when I started feeling hungry thank goodness I had a Clif bar, Chocolate chip peanut crunch this was the first time I have tried this flavor and I was really pleased I will def be getting more for the future. The fact that the bar has 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein is a huge plus for me. I forgot to take a picture so I had to grab one from the Clif bar site you should check it out, I think
I will def be ordering some boxes to help with the cost and to make sure I keep them in the house.

When I arrived home Josh was stuck to the PS3 and hadn’t eaten anything except chips all day! So I tossed myself a salad with turkey, a little fontina cheese and humus with carrots. Made him a turkey sammie with some carrots. After eating lunch with my sweetie I knew that I would be eating the rest of the greens for dinner because they were super yummy, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of them but I will def be going back this saturday to get more! I forgot again to get a pic of lunch but dinner was fully photographed

Dinner was great, I had some left over veggie pasta with turkey meat balls. The Salad was tomatoes, parm cheese, and tomato bacon dressing. I went over my points a little tonight with a couple of razzberry chocolates but I feel really satisfied.

 I am currently watching the Biggest loser then I am heading to bed.