Skipped classes today due to I had a horrible head ache and slight loss of  hearing from a Zombie/Cooper Concert that Josh and I went to last night. Zombie rocked, Alice Cooper needs to honestly think about kicking back and just enjoying life he is just getting to damned old to put on the kind of show that he attempts. Anyways really wasnt able to pull myself out of bed till about noon, and by that time I was one hungry girl. Decided to make some protein Pancakes, eggs and fresh fruit. I do have to say that I made a kick ass breakfast!

Yum yum, added some crunchy almond butter and I was a happy camper!! That kept me full until about 4:30 and I decided to have some home-made Roasted red pepper humus with carrots. Then Javier one of our friends dropped by and we all decided to go have Aloha Sushi, and of course it was super Yummy! Well I am off to watch Avatar on BlueRay, were wondering if its gonna look better then when we saw it 3D at the theater.