Hey there

its been a few days just thought I would drop a couple of lines. I have not been feeling real great this last week, I have condition that really hits me hard at least once a year. Thankfully once or twice in a year is generally the route it takes these last couple few years so I am so happy for that, it used to be every couple of months and I had a horrible time. Today has been a bit more trying due to TOM decided to come visit earlier then usual! So
I def feel like I have been slammed into a brick wall.

This week I got little to no excercise in and I haven’t been eating the greatest. Let me re state that I have been eating healthy good things, I just have been eating too much! Which for me during this time when my body is not working so hot I do tend to have issues with over eating and being extremely tired. The not being able to workout is not really a huge problem, but the over eating is an issue. The main reason it happens is that I feel ill in the morning toward the middle of the day so I really do not eat, however by the time I do get hungry I feel like I am starving. There is really nothing I can do except hope that this wave passes quickly and I can get back to what I was trying to make my routine.  Any ways We had a lot of laundry to do this weekend since we were gone last weekend, may I say yet again that not having a washer and dryer really blows chuncks! I hate that I have to drag all my crap either to the laundry room here at our apartment or over to my parent or his. Granted I would rather to them over at the folks and not because I dont have to pay cause trust me they get there pound of flesh when we go over. Today we went to my parents and they knew that I was not feeling so hot and let me just chill and do the laundry. Well its about that time and we rented and movie from Red box, Lovely bones….I really hope its good!